Our Focus

Digital transformation

We put business architecture first. We help our clients impose their requirements on a solutions market that doesn’t stand still. We design operating models based on the decisions a business makes and shape strategies around the data it needs.

We are technology agnostic and believe that implementation choices should flow from an understanding of business needs.  

We use granular modelling techniques to unpack – and digitise – the most complex use cases: financial crime, data quality, identity and eligibility, data portability and re-use, supply chain signalling.

We advocate solutions that are based on the use of open standards, clear rules of engagement, permissioned data flows and the orchestration of specialised, distributed services.

We have pioneered the practice of event-based data assurance and worked with government departments, global banks and digital identity providers to establish collaborative ecosystems.

Abstract image representation of networking with green overlay

Client use cases

Identity and Eligibility

For a major UK identity provider, we created a reference data model that parsed its service into constituent parts, increasing the flexibility, accessibility, and utility of the service to its consumers.


For a global bank, we re-designed its AML/KYC process from a 'periodic' to 'continuous' model, with change events captured as linked data and feeding automated policy decision engines.

Supply Chain

For a consortium of UK Government Departments, we developed an 'ecosystem toolkit' that transmits contextualised signals between participants, supporting risk management along a supply chain.

Data Portability

For a UK bank, we built a meta-data framework that allowed different organisational entities to re-use customer data, based on a record of events that fed both authorisation and assurance models.