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We specialise in early-stage projects to architect, develop and prove initial instantiations of the data management and decisioning capabilities that our clients need to manage their data and customer lifecycles.  These enabling capabilities underpin digital strategy and are key to delivering early and consistent benefits within digital transformation programs. We are technology agnostic and also work with preferred delivery providers to steer the build of enterprise-grade solutions.

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Enabling change

We specialise in early-stage projects to architect, develop and prove initial instantiations of the capabilities needed to manage customer and data lifecycles in a distributed digital environment. 

These capabilities underpin digital strategy and enable digital transformation programs to deliver tangible benefits early. 

We ensure the business retains control and work with preferred delivery providers to steer enterprise-grade solution development.

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Model and define

Businesses execute complex (but often common) tasks. 

As operational units adopt their own solutions, policies diverge, data gets trapped and technologies conflict, leading to duplicated costs, frustrated user journeys and unnecessary reconciliation.

We work with your domain experts to model the concepts central to your business, codifying a business architecture that is both easily shared and distinct from the solutions chosen to deploy it. 

In doing so, we help you create a set of business requirements in a language that your software engineers can engage with directly, to speed up development cycles and deliver better solutions.

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Passion is what drives us

We realised that the fundamental issue data continues to be trapped in silos

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Prototype and prove

Change is hard – people want proof that it will work.

We work with your innovation and development teams to stand up prototype sourcing, processing, decision and orchestration services that conform to your target business architecture.

We establish an data-rich environment in which events and outcomes are captured as an audit trail which can be used to monitor outcomes and test the impact of change.  

We work with your transformation team to collate evidence, build a benefits case for change, and plot a migration plan for the business as a whole.

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Embed and improve

Take control. Put data to work for you.

We work with your preferred delivery partners to build enterprise-grade solutions that conform to your target architecture and are easily configurable to your needs (even as they change).

We engage your policy owners and decision makers in the governance mechanisms that give them control over decisions the business makes – regardless of how they are executed.

We help your data scientists establish an analytical environment which can be used to investigate and optimise performance and report and justify all your business actions and decisions.

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